If a Jeep Crashes in Royal Oak and Nobody is Around to Hear it, Was it Wert?

Yes, a Jeep did crash on South Main in Royal Oak, MI today. Yes, the crash apparently took down three electric poles and a "minor forest of trees," causing 500 people to be without power for a large chunk of the day. Yes, I do live in Royal Oak, just a block away from the crash. No, it was not me or my Jeep that was… » 12/28/07 3:15pm 12/28/07 3:15pm

GM Goes Dreamy Over Woodward Avenue's Vinsetta Garage, Part I

Classic car restorers at Royal Oak's Vinsetta Garage got their own little documentary before the Woodward Dream Cruise thanks to the folks at "I Got Shotgun," GM's fun little random PR thing that we don't quite understand. But whatevs — the Vinsetta Garage is totally an amazing Woodward Avenue automotive destination.… » 8/14/07 1:45pm 8/14/07 1:45pm

CTSpotting: 2008 Cadillac CTS Spotted In Royal Oak, MI

While walking from the li'l place in downtown Royal Oak we call the "Jalopnik Detroit office" to snag some Leo's greek salad, we happened to stumble across some new hotness from the General's luxe brand. That's right — it's a 2008 Cadillac CTS — sitting right there like some reel big fish in front of the Royal Oak… » 6/26/07 1:30pm 6/26/07 1:30pm

Chrysler Celebrates 20 Years Of Concept Design With A Drive-By Of The Jalopnik Detroit Bureau

Curse us for being out of town last week! In addition to showing off the two new SEMA Jeep designs we highlighted last week (the JT and the Ultimate), it appears the Chrysler group team spent some time tooling about downtown Royal Oak, MI in their newest batch of auto show concept cars. It was all part of some 20-year… » 5/28/07 6:48pm 5/28/07 6:48pm

Precision In Michigan: Audi R8 Spotted In Ferndale

Many people may not know it but I just moved into a new place in downtown Royal Oak, MI. It's the city my Dad grew up in, I was born in, and my cousins still run the local hardware store — so it's got a lot of positive energy for me. Apparently, despite the familial energy, I've been told the fabulous city right next… » 3/07/07 9:15pm 3/07/07 9:15pm

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: GM's Rick Wagoner Talks Dream Cruise

We had the opportunity to hit up a GM event for a short while last night at Athens Coney Island right along M-1 in Royal Oak. We've got a few things we'll be showing you in a bit — but what we've got spun up above so far is all about Rick. You see, GM's Rick Wagoner knows all about the Dream Cruise — and according… » 8/19/06 9:00am 8/19/06 9:00am

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Royal Oak Police Are Still Teh Suck

Ok, so what have we learned so far at this years Woodward Dream Cruise — or at least the week leading up to it? Hunter House has, by far, the best slider burgers in the known universe. We've also learned not to jaywalk — or at the very least, don't get a ticket for jaywalking in Royal Oak (by the way, still looking… » 8/17/06 9:58am 8/17/06 9:58am

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Royal Oak Police Show Us What Not To Do On Woodward Avenue — Wert & Co. Get Jaywalking Tickets

Although yesterdays update was fairly run of the mill — despite the el Camino parked out front of Hunter House — now that the one-day Dream Cruise is officially un-officially becoming a one-week long Dream Cruise, things are starting to heat up on Woodward Avenue. But as you can see by the ticket over yonder, there… » 8/16/06 12:21pm 8/16/06 12:21pm

No Free Mustache Rides From Dr. Z — How About A Free Dodge Challenger Instead?

Other than the PT Cruiser PCH Edition, the big news out of the Chrysler shindig this morning next to Duggan's Irish Pub on Woodward Avenue was the answer to apparently one of the most asked questions on the "Ask Dr Z" website. Although we were hoping more for the answer to the question, "Do you give free mustache… » 8/15/06 11:36am 8/15/06 11:36am