Chris Harris Shows Off Every Kind Of Race Car Imaginable At Goodwood

Chris Harris is a lucky, lucky man. The Goodwood Members Meeting brought out everything from road-based race cars to vintage F1 and Le Mans racers. Not only did Chris get to race a Rover SD1 touring car from the era when touring cars were based on road cars, but he also got to drive in a race of all Porsche 911s. » 4/10/15 4:07pm 4/10/15 4:07pm

Patrick Mower Has The Antidote To British Malaise: Value For Money!

After yet another shuffling of gut-shot British Leyland brands produced the Austin Rover Group, the ARG marketers decided to get serious about moving some iron off the lots. No more Triumph TR7s or MGBs- now they'd have television actor Patrick Mower pitching the Morris Ital, Rover SD1, Mini Mayfair, and other… » 5/19/08 12:00pm 5/19/08 12:00pm