Rossi Does Retro 'Vette Right With SixtySix

There have been so many bad Corvette Stingray retro-modern rebodies it was becoming increasingly impossible to imagine a good one. Until now. Coachbuilder Rossi is developing the Rossi SixtySix, an homage to the Split Window that looks absolutely stunning. » 6/30/10 9:30am 6/30/10 9:30am

C6-Based C2 'Vette Vaporware: The Rossi 66

Following in the trend of late-model Corvettes being re-bodied to look like old 'Vettes, this illustration shows Blue Fusion's (that's actually the name of the company, not some fanboy's screen name) hopes for a car that combines the C6 chassis with C2 split-window styling. While this sounds like a great idea, they've… » 8/18/08 2:40pm 8/18/08 2:40pm