Ross Lovegrove's Renault Twin'Z Is Tripping Balls

As far as I can tell after looking at Welsh design guru Ross Lovegrove's newest work, the Twin'z, Renult's future design is trippy. The electric supermini also looks a bit like a Fiat 500 from more than one angle, but the colors and the suicide doors certainly help. » 4/08/13 4:50pm 4/08/13 4:50pm

Ross Lovegrove Presents Renault's Future Design

The French asked a Welsh bloke to come up with their new design language. Ross Lovegrove is well known for his organic shapes, having collaborated before with such companies as Apple, Airbus, Sony or Peugeot. We can thank him for some of our early Walkmans. » 3/20/13 9:25am 3/20/13 9:25am

Ross Lovegrove Puts Car On Stick

Ross Lovegrove doesn't look at cars like you and I do, saying, "My dream remains to rationalize the car as a democratic, universal, biological, Earth-centric tool for living." His newest concept, this car on a stick, explores how vehicles interact with the space around them. Instead of merely consuming that space… » 1/31/08 3:45pm 1/31/08 3:45pm

Bottle Designer Creates Solar Car Prototype

The Welsh designer who came up with the clear, globby-looking Ty Nant plastic water bottle has penned a squarish, transparent vehicle that's powered by that globby-looking hot star thing. We're not exactly sure what we're looking at, but whatever it is will be unveiled at the Salone Del Mobile Milano, an Italian… » 3/28/06 9:43am 3/28/06 9:43am