The Ronin 47: Creating A Badass Street Bike From A Dystopian Future

The Ronin Motorworks 47 have been Internet darlings since they were announced several years ago. When you take a Buell 1125 — an awesome motorcycle to start with — then add more performance and the looks of a high-tech street bike from from a dark vision of the future, this is what you get. Here’s how they build it.… » 8/25/15 10:00am Tuesday 10:00am

Magpul Is Bringing A One-Off EBR 1190RX Ronin Racer To Pikes Peak

We’ve said plenty about Magpul’s Ronin series, 47 custom bikes built from some of the last Buell 1125Rs in existence. But this one is special. Not only does it carry the distinction of being the first in the production series, it’s built off EBR’s latest superbike, and now it’s headed to Pikes Peak.
» 6/04/15 6:40pm 6/04/15 6:40pm

Don't Tell Us You Didn't Know This Was Coming: Ronin!

We have a pair of Brucetastic Ultrasone headphones. We use them when we want to block out the neighbors' bickering and/or moaning. They are very, very good. They also serve an "It's on" function, in that when something totally awesome is about to happen, we slip the gold-plated plug into the socket, don the… » 5/22/07 12:00am 5/22/07 12:00am