America's Most Prolific Car Collector Is Selling His Entire Collection

The Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the biggest auto sales events of the entire year. For the last decade, it's been about what one man, Ron Pratte, would buy. But in 2015 he's selling every single car he owns at that auction, including a GM Futurliner. And he hasn't given a reason. »6/02/14 12:33pm6/02/14 12:33pm


Barrett-Jackson: Caroll Shelby's 1969 Shelby GT500 Convertible

It's Caroll Shelby's personal '69 GT500 convertible and it just went up for sale here at the big BJ. That's right — a '69 at a BJ. It's been parked in the Mustang main man's garage since 1969. One owner — and one buyer today's getting it. Bidding started in the $100,000 range and quickly skyrocketed up into the half a… »1/19/08 7:15pm1/19/08 7:15pm

Jalopnik Question of the Day: What Would You Buy for $5.5 Million

At the Barrett-Jackson auction this week, Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra went home with Ron "Futurliner" Pratte, a house builder from Chandler, Arizona who drops multimillions on classic vehicles like they were mid-career Charlie Hough cards on the eBay. He paid $5.5 million for this pedigreed Cobra, which may not… »1/23/07 12:45pm1/23/07 12:45pm