McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Denies Setting Up Max Mosley

Ron Dennis has denied allegations that he was responsible for setting up the Max Mosley sex video scandal. It has been suggested that McLaren may have facilitated the News of the World investigation in response to the $100 million fine they received from FIA last year. » 5/05/08 8:20am 5/05/08 8:20am

FIA's general assembly will meet on June 3rd…

F1 Transcripts Reveal Alonso, Dennis Not Speaking

Man, what a year of mixed blessings for team McLaren boss Ron Dennis. First a noodleheaded Ferrari staffer presents a book of secret bits to a nitwitted McLaren tech — who keeps it as coffee-table reading. Then the European motorports establishment lines up against McLaren to exact several pounds of flesh, including a… » 9/19/07 11:45am 9/19/07 11:45am