The Five Most Amazing Automotive-Themed Romance Novels

I remember when I found out that there was a whole sub-genre of romance novels set against a NASCAR backdrop. “Huh,” I think I thought, “That’s pretty weird.” Really, though, I had no idea. There’s a huge, little-known subgenre of automotive-related romance novels that’s been around for years. Here’s five of the most… »6/03/15 2:15pm6/03/15 2:15pm


Couple Celebrates Anniversary With Dinner On An Airplane Wing

In 2009, comedian Mark Malkoff set a Guinness World Record while living on board an AirTran Boeing 717 for an entire month. But his wedding anniversary happened to fall during that time, so the airline helped Mark his wife celebrate in an epic way — by setting up a romantic dinner for them on the wing of a plane. »7/08/14 1:21pm7/08/14 1:21pm

No One Understands Romance Like a Gearhead

As the weather grows colder and true winter sets in, people find themselves in need of a warm body to cuddle up with while they binge on Netflix. While romantic comedies paint pictures of cute women bumping into Hugh Jackman the Pharmacist Lawyer Fighter Pilot in a field of clover, what women should really be dreaming… »11/26/13 1:35pm11/26/13 1:35pm