Let's Watch Some Dumb Idiot Moron Roll A Saab For Fun

Just how safe is an old Saab? Some idiot not smart dumb people put the question to the test by intentionally rolling an old 9000. This is an idea that is dumb and unwise. » 11/18/14 1:00pm 11/18/14 1:00pm

Inside A Little Honda During A High-Speed Multiple-Rollover Crash

I would rather not have any kind of crash in an older Honda Civic, but these two rally competitors walked away from a huge high speed multiple rollover into a forest. Here's how it happened and why they're proud. » 10/08/14 12:20pm 10/08/14 12:20pm

How Not To Drive A Mini

With all this news about the 2015 Mini Cooper (Tagline: Now With More Meh), I figured I should remind everyone why Minis are great in the first place. Then I found this video. » 11/18/13 1:00pm 11/18/13 1:00pm

I've Got A Great Idea Let's Roll A Ford Fiesta

If all people were rational, straightforward beings, something like this would never happen. A junky '90s Ford Fiesta, a field, a Ford Focus for a ramp, and an intentional rollover. » 11/06/13 12:59pm 11/06/13 12:59pm

See What Happens When You Don't Check Your Blind Spot?

We saw a record four rollovers in last weekend's 24 Hours Of LeMons Texas, and the rollover parade started about five minutes after the green flag. Here we see what happens when an Escort ZX2 gets shoved into a Gremlin. » 2/27/10 3:00pm 2/27/10 3:00pm