Polish Hoons Roll Volvo V40 Station Wagon, Celebrating Kubica?

We're not sure if these Polish hoons were actually intending to roll their Volvo V40 wagon when they hooked up the video cameras, but that was the result. An unsuccessful attack at a turn leads to the driver doing his best Robert Kubica impression (wherein Kubica crashes at, instead of wins, the Canadian Grand Prix).… » 6/10/08 12:45pm 6/10/08 12:45pm

Are '99-01 Explorer Roofs Below Federal Strength Standards?

That's what SAFE Research, a group that specializes in litigation against automakers is contending, at least. Ford says that SAFE is drawing their conclusions documents written about a prototype Explorer that never made it to the public, while SAFE maintains that changes made to the last three model years of the 2nd… » 11/21/05 5:15pm 11/21/05 5:15pm