Shopping For An Argentine Rambler? Renault Torino Available In California!

We love weird South American versions of North American cars, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a car with a more complicated family tree than the Renault Torino. Conceived as the result of AMC-Renault cooperation, based on the '65 Rambler American Rogue, with body redesign by Pininfarina and power by Kaiser, the… »5/19/08 8:00am5/19/08 8:00am

Detroit Auto Show Preview: Nissan Rolls Out A Roguish Mini-Murano For 2008

During the hell that was automakers' holiday parties (we can't quite shake the recurring nightmare of being eaten like a loin-burger by a 50-foot-tall Bob Lutz) — one brief respite was Nissan's embargoed event/holiday "blowout" to show off its new ute, the Rogue (nee Qashqai in Europe). Unlike the more pedestrian… »12/28/06 10:01am12/28/06 10:01am