Geely GT Steals Our Hearts, MG Police Car Arrests Them

We have to give Nanjing Auto/Shanghai Auto/Ason Unique credit for taking care of their MG brand. MG/Rover has a long history of making awesome police cars back in Britain and the Chinese version of the company has been making vehicles for both the Chinese police and the army. And while we're not big on Chinese… » 4/22/08 10:40am 4/22/08 10:40am

Chinese Rover Hybrid? Shanghai Auto's Roewe 750 to Get "Integrated…

Shanghai Auto, the Chinese automaker that's refashioning the Rover 75 as the Roewe 750, says it's building a version that uses an "integrated loop" to garner a 20% increase in fuel efficiency. The boys at China Car Times say that's likely code for a hybrid system. But if our lack of an electrical engineering degree… » 11/22/06 9:48am 11/22/06 9:48am