GTA V’s Car Crashes Are Almost Too Realistic

I've always gone looking for trouble in GTA games. When Grand Theft Auto III first came out, my friends and I would get together and take turns going on rampages—competing to see who could survive the longest against the cops. With the new version of GTA V out, I've found another way to test myself: by going in search… » 2/11/15 4:21pm 2/11/15 4:21pm

Inside The World of GTA Online's Intense Biker Gangs

Of course people playing GTA Online have formed digital gangs—the "crews" feature, which allows everyone to assign special roles and ranks within a group, is practically built for this. But damn, some people take crews in GTA Online really seriously. » 7/07/14 6:11pm 7/07/14 6:11pm

GTA V Narrated By Morgan Freeman Sounds Like A Bedtime Story

The calm, magical voice of Morgan Freeman—impersonated by Jason Stephens—makes us forget that GTA V is full of murder and turns Franklin's vacation in Los Santos into a peaceful tale. » 10/07/13 11:58am 10/07/13 11:58am

Grand Theft Auto Comes to Life in Hong Kong Car Chase

Whenever there's a car chase, GTA comparisons inevitably arise. But this particular car chase totally looks like Grand Theft Auto. Really! » 10/04/13 8:15am 10/04/13 8:15am

Time For The Grandest Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Of Them All

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. All those other Grand Theft Auto V trailers were merely warm-up acts, keeping the crowd entertained until this, the official trailer, was ready to take the stage. » 8/29/13 12:16pm 8/29/13 12:16pm

In GTA V's Latest Screens: Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

Rockstar just dropped another dozen shots of Grand Theft Auto V, offering more glimpses of the fast life in Los Santos and the pastoral tranquility of Blaine County. Vehicles are the theme of this latest batch, including an ATV, a corporate jet, a ferry, and a Marine helicopter. » 7/29/13 2:25pm 7/29/13 2:25pm

Here Are the Latest Trailers for Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar promised new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V today, and here they are. Meet Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the game's three protagonists. » 4/30/13 11:15am 4/30/13 11:15am

See the Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer, set in the original San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was my favorite of the series, by far, and that's no slight to Vice City, which I treasure. Still, there was something about C.J.'s adventures that made me feel like I'd lived the greatest summer ever. » 11/05/11 4:30pm 11/05/11 4:30pm

How 9/11 Gave Us Grand Theft Auto's Iconic Cover Style

There was Sept. 11. Then there was Oct. 22, when Grand Theft Auto III released, at a time when the United States was extremely high strung about things like the violence and moral relativism for which the series is known. Rockstar Games' Dan Houser, in a rare interview, said that the game did strip out some content as… » 10/20/11 1:00am 10/20/11 1:00am

Rockstar Drops "Midnight Club: Los Angeles" Trailer

Thanks to the folks at Rockstar, we've got our grubby mitts on the second trailer to this year's new hotness combining the might of motoring with the multiple buttons of a joystick, Midnight Club: Los Angeles. Check out Ford Mustangs go head-to-head with Dodge Challengers, an Audi R8 and yes, a Ford Crown Vic Police… » 7/29/08 12:15pm 7/29/08 12:15pm