Everything Is Better Behind The Wheel Of A Hand-Made Rocketcar

I remember the first time I saw one of Baron Margo’s rocketcars. It was parked at House of Pies, a little diner near my old house, and, sitting there between some boring sedans, it felt like that parking spot was a rift between universes. Being a writer, I think I said something profound like “holy crap, look at that.” »10/15/15 3:37pm10/15/15 3:37pm


Awesome Rocket Car Doesn't Have Rocket, Does Sport Duallies

Apparently we've got rocket cars coming out the wazoo lately. Here's a pretty slick one which, although not actually rocket equipped, has got so much Flash Gordon goodness baked into its dually driven chassis we can't help but admire it. There isn't a whole lot of info on this LA-area one-off, but it's got detail work… »6/09/08 4:40pm6/09/08 4:40pm