A Peek Inside The Soon-To-Be-Dead Tesla Motors Detroit Office

Given the situation with Tesla Motors »10/22/08 10:00am10/22/08 10:00am lately, you know, , word of firings of "25-30% of their total staff of 300 employees and contractors" and the closing of the Detroit location (more accurately, the Detroit suburb of Rochester Hills, MI) , it's no wonder an anonymous reader decided to head out to their Rochester…


2006 Concours d'Elegance Meadow Brook: Spyked Drinks And The Spyker C8

The Bugatti Veyron we saw yesterday at Meadow Brook's Concours d'Elegance wasn't the only piece of mettal hotness at the show. We spotted this C8 Spyker sitting pretty in the corral next to it...and oh, how we wanted to ride that piece of Audi W12-engined goodness. Oh, to feel the power between our legs...we can't… »8/07/06 12:31pm8/07/06 12:31pm

2006 Concours d'Elegance Meadow Brook: Boogety-Boogety-Bugatti Veyron

Yes, we're spoiled here in Metro Detroit. Every day, and double on Shabbos, there's some kind of a car event or auto show. But one of us had the opportunity to check out the Concours d'Elegance just down the road from us on the grounds of Oakland University's historic Meadow Brook Hall, and let's be frank — it was… »8/07/06 10:43am8/07/06 10:43am