ATLAS, The Pentagon's Humanoid Robot, Just Got A Major Upgrade

Tremble at the sight of the new and improved ATLAS. Redesigned for DARPA by Boston Dynamics, this robot is now stronger, more energy efficient, more dextrous, and quieter than its clunky predecessor. And best of all, it no longer requires a safety tether. » 1/20/15 3:40pm 1/20/15 3:40pm

Bot Cameras, Lidar Eyes, and the Driverless Racetrack of the Future

Gizmodo's coverage of the DARPA Robotics Challenge continues with day two at the Homestead Speedway south of Miami. The weekend has arrived and the crowds are here with their kids, cheering on the bots. » 12/21/13 4:53pm 12/21/13 4:53pm

They Look Like Toy Cars, But They're The "Future Of Consumer Robotics"

This looks like something you'd find in the Hot Wheels aisle at Walmart, but it's much more than that. It's a character from Anki Drive, an iOS-powered tech toy coming to Apple Stores and on October 23. Its creators call it "the future of consumer electronics." » 10/16/13 10:36pm 10/16/13 10:36pm

These New Robotic Headlights Dodge Raindrops

Further proving the idea that in the future we'll be driving clusters of robots that have grudgingly agreed to drop us off somewhere, Carnegie Mellon University researcher Srinivasa Narasimhan has developed a new smart headlight system that prevents glare in the rain by actively dodging the droplets of water. » 7/30/12 4:20pm 7/30/12 4:20pm

DARPA Develops BioMatter-Fueled Matrix-Like Robots

The human-harvesting robots in the sci-fi film trilogy The Matrix appear closer to reality if DARPA gets its way. Below is what they call the EATR drone. » 7/13/09 9:30am 7/13/09 9:30am

Terramax Prepares for Driverless Takeoff

The Oshkosh TerraMax unmanned truck hasn't quite rocked the DARPA Grand Challenge in the past, so the company has a lot to prove this year in Victorville, California, where the grand spectacle of mecha robots takes place later this month (we'll be there). That means the company has a lot to prove, considering it wants… » 10/03/07 1:00pm 10/03/07 1:00pm

Stanford Takes the Message to the Streets, DARPA-Style

One may recall Stanley, the robo-Touareg that won the 2nd DARPA Grand Challenge. Well, now the boffins in Paly are working a successor to the SUV, based on a Passat known as Junior. Junior's designed to navigate an urban environment, rather than a desert off-road course. DARPA plans to announce the location of the… » 2/19/07 12:45pm 2/19/07 12:45pm

Arachnophilia Sweeps Hippie Love-In!

Okay, so it's not really a car per se, but neither was the Concept 2096, and that didn't even have a drivetrain. Semantics aside, how could you go wrong with an open top, hydro-mechanically driven, eight-legged roadster? Sure, the performance may not be quite as tight as a car's, but let's see an Accord climb up… » 12/20/06 2:30pm 12/20/06 2:30pm

Next DARPA Grand Challenge to Be Held on City Streets, First 11 Teams…

As we mentioned earlier this year, the next DARPA Grand Challenge will remove all those spanky autonomous vehicles from the desert and drop them onto city streets, albiet mocked-up ones. Entrants, like VW's and Stanford University's Stanley the Touareg (pictured), must follow all traffic laws to find their way around… » 10/04/06 3:57pm 10/04/06 3:57pm

Unmanned in the Streets: China Company Demos Driverless Car

China's grandees may soon find themselves chauffeured in limos navigated by the people's microchips. A Chinese car company recently tested a luxury model that can recognize its enviroment, and handle such driver-intensive tasks as making a turnoff, stopping at street crossings, staying within roadway lines and… » 9/11/06 9:21am 9/11/06 9:21am

Geekery of the Day: Go, Speedy Camera Car, Go

The level of geekiness in this video clip is off the charts — anyone with an aversion to guys in LCD goggles manipulating servos via radio control should just shut down right now and go give their little brother a noogie. It's actually a hacker's-basement version of the MacroSwiss Spybot 4WD, only without the… » 8/21/06 11:00am 8/21/06 11:00am

Golf, Drive Thyself: Volkswagen Builds Self-Driving Hatchback

Volkswagen's unveiled a fully self-driving hatchback that can take its meatware friends for a ride. Sporting a Byzantine system of sensors (radar and laser), sat-nav and software, the GTI can negotiate a race course, swerve through cones and hit speeds of up to 150 mph — whether it can clear a mountain pass or… » 7/03/06 8:55am 7/03/06 8:55am

Robot, I'm Thinking of a Number: Honda Develops Robot Controlled by…

The newest ESP technology from Honda has not a thing to do with traction control. The company recently demonstrated a system through which brain signals can guide a robotic hand. Holy crap, you say? Yes, exactly. Developed with Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, the system uses… » 6/02/06 9:00am 6/02/06 9:00am

Krauts Host Mini-DARPA Challenge

While DARPA held a grand event featuring Hummers, a chopped TerraMax and a Touareg, among other manly devices, the European Elrob event, held outside Frankfurt, seems like it was a milder affair. Excluded from the DARPA Grand Challenge because of their Euroness, inventors from across the continent showed up with such… » 5/17/06 4:30pm 5/17/06 4:30pm

Four Entrants Finish DARPA Grand Challenge

This results of this year's DARPA Grand Challenge robotic (sorry, autonomous) vehicles derby were far different from last year's. For one, an entrant actually finished the course. For two, though most entrants still couldn't figure out how to turn their sensors and algorithms into directional prowess, at least four » 10/09/05 10:23am 10/09/05 10:23am

Red Team Too Scores Pole in DARPA Challenge

Carnegie Mellon University's Red Team Too, an expansion squad of the group considered last year's favorites in the DARPA Challenge, have snagged the #1 qualifying slot in this year's race, despite managing to flip their robo-Hummer (didn't we see that in the back of an issue of High Society once?) earlier in the… » 10/06/05 6:39am 10/06/05 6:39am

Stanley the Touareg Aces First Round of DARPA Grand Challenge

The first qualifying round of the DARPA Grand Challenge — the big, desert robot-off that comes with a $2 million grand prize — got underway in California yesterday. Fewer than half of the 16 vehicles that started the two-mile course finished, though one competitor, a Volkswagen Touareg named Stanley (don't ask)… » 9/30/05 10:14am 9/30/05 10:14am

Riderless Motorcycle to Compete in DARPA Challenge

The kids from UC Berkeley have emerged from their underground laboratory, la "Real Genius," with a robotic motorcycle called the Ghostrider (clever, the slide-rule set). The riderless bike was picked to run in this year's DARPA Grand Challenge, an annual test of autonomous vehicle technology in the form of a race… » 9/27/05 6:02pm 9/27/05 6:02pm