It Can Go Anywhere: The MacroSwiss Spybot 4WD

If you'd been to the European Land Robot Trials (ELROB) in Germany, you'd probably not have seen Ebeneezer Von Clutch looking for his Black Power Gem. You may, however, have seen the Spybot 4WD from MacroSwiss. It weighs just 13 lbs, but it can cross a potato field faster than you can say "Pol Pot, hot or not?" It… » 7/14/06 10:56am 7/14/06 10:56am

Robot, I'm Thinking of a Number: Honda Develops Robot Controlled by…

The newest ESP technology from Honda has not a thing to do with traction control. The company recently demonstrated a system through which brain signals can guide a robotic hand. Holy crap, you say? Yes, exactly. Developed with Japan's Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, the system uses… » 6/02/06 9:00am 6/02/06 9:00am