What It's Like To Ride Around In Nissan's Autonomous Car

Nissan just announced that by 2020, they'll be ready to sell you an autonomous, self-driving car. And I believe them, since I've just ridden in one of these robo-cars. You want to know what it's like to ride in an autonomous car? Boring. And that's exactly what they want it to be. » 8/27/13 2:08pm 8/27/13 2:08pm

How Greg Tracy Proved Human Drivers Are Better Than Drone Cars

Google engineers will tell you that one day robot-controlled cars will be able to drive better and safer than humans. One year ago, in a stunt for Hot Wheels, driver Greg Tracy proved just how far off those robots really are. » 8/07/13 9:16am 8/07/13 9:16am

How Google's Self-Driving Car Works

We're wary of self-driving cars in general, and Google's driverless car technology is anything but proven, but we do have to admit that seeing Google's behind-the-scenes process is extremely cool. Join us as we cautiously examine how Google's trying to make self-driving cars work. » 10/19/11 2:00pm 10/19/11 2:00pm