Self-Driving Cars Are Already Getting Into Accidents [Updated]

Update 06/21: Google has emphasized that none of the accidents its cars were involved with were the fault of its self-driving vehicles, and has updated its recorded miles to nearly a million. With that information, the accident rate for self-driving cars looks less unsettling and a lot more reassuring. » 5/11/15 10:23am 5/11/15 10:23am

Oxford University's Bowler Wildcat Is The Fastest Self-Driving Car Yet

The British are so serious about beating the Americans, the Germans, the Swedish and everybody else when it comes to autonomous driving technologies that they developed a 300+ hp off-roader to even the playing field. Or more like turn it into a muddy mess. » 2/14/15 9:00am 2/14/15 9:00am