More Proof The Big Three's Lobbying Efforts Kinda Blow

Robert Reich, America's shortest Secretary of Labor, was on Hardball » 11/12/08 2:50pm 11/12/08 2:50pm last night discussing the incoming Obama administration's economic package and plans to when he fumbled a question from Chris Matthews about the auto industry. The question? Name a domestic, fuel-efficient car you'd like to own. It's a sad state of…

General-ly Payola For Play Is A Bad Idea

We would / should / could be aghast, but frankly this shit's getting to be so commonplace it's almost expected. It would appear a PR agency paid by folks over at the RenCen's been takin' tips from the pages of the New York Post. Page Six, to be precise. The allegations come from none-other than Robert Reich, former… » 4/21/06 10:52am 4/21/06 10:52am