Robbing A Bank While On A Test Drive Is A Great Idea!

If you're worried about a getaway vehicle during a bank heist, the obvious solution is to use something with no legal connection to you, right? One solution might be to take a dealership test drive, but perhaps leave the salesman behind. In this real-life example, the suspect, Marcel Perrot, took a used truck and… » 6/19/08 3:40pm 6/19/08 3:40pm

Granddad Robs Bank, Makes Getaway On Wheelchair

Normal granddads sit on porches in their boxers and yell at little kids to get off their lawn, they don't, as a rule, rob banks in Palo Alto, Calif. Although, this is exactly what happened earlier this week at a Wachovia bank. A man described as between 65 and 70 and bearded rolled into the bank in his electric… » 4/10/08 6:15pm 4/10/08 6:15pm