Two Jalopnik Friends Just Won Their Class At The Nurburgring 6 Hours

The Rotek Racing team, led by friend of Jalopnik Robb Holland, and joined by other friend of Jalopnik Bill Caswell, along with multiple VLN-series victor Danny Kubasik, just won their class at the Nurburgring 6 Hours in an SP8 Audi RS4. Congrats guys! » 4/06/14 5:06pm 4/06/14 5:06pm

The Mountune Ford Focus RS Gets /RING TESTED

Some of you noticed an extremely fast Ford Focus chasing the Ferrari 458 Italia in the first installment of /RING TESTED. Here's that car on a hot lap around the Nürburgring showing just how fast FWD can be. » 12/20/13 3:40pm 12/20/13 3:40pm

Director Asif Kapadia To Headline SENNA, Grand Prix Panel

When I decided we should do the Jalopnik Film Festival I knew if we could get RUSH we'd have to get SENNA and Grand Prix. And if we could get all that to happen, I prayed we could get SENNA director Asif Kapadia to come. Sometimes dreams do come true. » 9/12/13 4:22pm 9/12/13 4:22pm

In Defense Of Touring Car Racers Purposely Driving Ridiculously Slow

(This weekend, we called the bizarre, slow driving antics of World Touring Car Championship qualifying from Salzburg into question. Touring car driver and Jalopnik contributor Robb Holland took issue with our account. This is his response. - T.O.) » 5/20/13 3:15pm 5/20/13 3:15pm

Ask American Robb Holland Anything You Want About Racing In The…

Robb Holland will soon be the first American driver in the British Touring Car Championship in 37 years. This is a huge challenge and his first race is this weekend at Snetterton. As prep for his race he's answering your questions, live, right here. » 8/10/12 3:30pm 8/10/12 3:30pm

Robb Holland Will Be First American To Race In British Touring Cars In …

Not since Bill Gubelmann raced a Ford Capri in 1975 has there been an American in the British Touring Car Championship. Colorado-born Robb Holland will be racing a Honda Civic S2000, taking the fight to the Brits. » 7/11/12 2:31pm 7/11/12 2:31pm