Unique Clause Gets Google Street View Banned From Minnesota Town

The wacky and crazy Google Street View vehicles that manage to capture all of the perfect moments have gotten themselves banned from a United States city, again (kind of). The town of North Oaks, a northeast community and suburb of Minneapolis has chased the Google cars away. They were able to do so because the roads… » 6/02/08 5:00pm 6/02/08 5:00pm

Crazy Japanese Interchanges Look Crazier From Underneath

Google Earth does a mighty fine job showing the essence of crazy interchanges, but if you really want to know how ridiculous interchanges can be, check out the underneath view. These interchanges don't come from China, but rather the neighbor of Japan. Ken Ohyama is the man that has captured some of Japan's most… » 5/21/08 4:20pm 5/21/08 4:20pm

What's The Worst Road You've Ever Driven On?

Though we've asked you about your favorite roads, today's geoporn of Beijing's craziest interchanges got us thinking of the worst roads we've driven on. We can't help but remember a Hungarian prof telling the story of German diplomats driving around Romania (Hungarians and Romanians don't get along, fyi). The Germans… » 5/09/08 11:40am 5/09/08 11:40am

What's Your Favorite Patch Of Asphalt?

There used to be this stretch of highway between Magnolia and Hempsted that was all-but-unavoidable for car enthusiasts in the spring when the ditches bloomed with Bluebonnets and Texas Dandelion. Counties Mounties, Johnny Law and the Dr. Pepper Squad were scarce. East Texas roads generally point in a straight line or… » 3/13/08 11:40am 3/13/08 11:40am

Jalopnik Weekend: How Much Good Could A Good Man Do If A Good Man Could…

Turns out, lots. Driving home on the Arroyo Seco last night (the portion of the 110 between Pasadena and Highland Park) I began realizing just how much of my life I will soon be spending on the world's first freeway. Inside Line is HQ'd in the People's Republic of Santa Monica, meaning that starting Monday not only… » 2/10/07 9:22pm 2/10/07 9:22pm

The Slowest Quarter-Mile in the World: Lombard Street!

When we were but a small Jalopnik, no higher than the fender badge on a Nova, no trip to San Francisco was complete without a ride down Lombard Street. When we were of age and living in the Bay Area ourselves, and at least as tall as the painted on "Brave" logo on a '78 Winnebago, we would attempt to drive down "The… » 1/17/07 10:30pm 1/17/07 10:30pm

All Roads Lead to Utrecht: Roman Road Discovered in Holland

First of all, yes: anything Dutch and auto-related makes us hot and bothered. Second of all, the Romans had mad roadage. 53,000 miles of highway, to be precise. This allowed those skirt-wearing legionaries to quickly spread out across the empire and bop upstart Vandals and Visigoths on the noggins when the barbarians… » 1/05/07 6:25pm 1/05/07 6:25pm