Top Gear USA's Rutledge Wood buys a Buick Roadmaster wagon

One of my favorite challenges from the first season of Top Gear USA pitted the hosts against one another in their favorite abandoned GM products. Rutledge Wood took the prize in a Buick Roadmaster Estate (and not just because the other hosts picked cars from abandoned brands). Perhaps as a "Thank You" for that… » 5/17/11 9:45am 5/17/11 9:45am

Shake Your Fist At The Heartless Car Gods: Clunkerized Roadmaster Wagon!

While I'm not a fan of Cash For Clunkers, I must admit I shed zero tears over all those Explorers going to well-deserved early graves. Fact is, 98% of Explorer drivers would have been better off with big Detroit wagons! » 2/14/10 11:00am 2/14/10 11:00am

Here Comes Da Judges: Meet The Roadmaster Mobile LeMons Justice Unit!

What motor vehicle would best convey the sense of majesty appropriate to the 24 Hours Of LeMons judicial system? As far as we're concerned, there's only one choice: an LT1-powered Buick Roadmaster woody! » 4/03/09 4:00pm 4/03/09 4:00pm

Buick Roadmaster Hot Rod Makes Flat Black Look Good

Flat black, white walls, wagon, flames. On paper, this Buick Roadmaster wagon would be a spectacular hot rod and parts hauler, but the truth is far stranger than that. Start with the first description, then chop the top off the wagon, add a vinyl liner to the back, and make those flames out of wood-grained contact… » 6/10/08 5:00pm 6/10/08 5:00pm

Self-Service Junkyard Find: 1994 Buick Roadmaster

Here's something you don't see too often in the self-service junkyards: a '94-96 GM B-body with running gear ready for harvesting (at $200 for any engine, complete small-blocks from the modern era tend to depart within hours of hitting the yard). At first glance it seemed to be a Caprice, but... » 5/08/07 11:30am 5/08/07 11:30am

Broken: Buick Just Sold More Cars in China than in the United States of…

The old man used to go on and on about the glory of Grandpa Loverman's 1953 Buick Roadmaster. It was beautifully styled, possessed a powerful straight-eight, had advanced features like... wait for it... power door-locks! Best of all, it was called the frickin' Roadmaster! Car names don't get better than that.… » 12/20/06 5:45pm 12/20/06 5:45pm

LT1 Buick Hands Charger Its Azz

What was the greatest motor of the early 1990s? We're gonna call out GM's LT-series small-block. Mad power for the day, cheap to upgrade, and well, it pulled the magnificent small GM V8 out of the doldrums of the Smog Era, rife with 305s, 307s, weak 350s, Cross-Fire Injection and whatnot. Now, we're not sure that the… » 9/13/06 12:00am 9/13/06 12:00am