Project Car Hell, Hood Scoop Edition: Torino or Road Runner?

With the Mopar Minivan getting the win over the Blown Buick in Friday''s PCH Turbo Sleeper Edition poll, today seems like a good day to return to some good ol' no-replacement-for-displacement Dee-troit muscle. Sure, you could always whip out a fat roll of Benjamins and turn it into a cherry big-block machine that'll… » 9/17/07 5:00pm 9/17/07 5:00pm

Mix-n-Match Mopar Madness: Fun With B-Bodies!

It's a darn shame that the Mopar B-body guys don't have the factory hardware to slap truck beds on their cars, while any fool with a Montego can make a Montechero and the roads are practically choked with Tempestaminos. But when it comes to wagons, the Mopar freaks can hold their heads high. Take, for example, this… » 2/26/07 9:12am 2/26/07 9:12am