Pony Express: Saleen to Build Special-Edition Mustangs for Road Rally

Cannonball Run Europe, one of the many high-profile road rally events making the world's idle rich just slightly less idle, is expanding to the US. The founders are inaugurating a new event in mid-2007 called the Great American Run. But more newsworthy than that is its confirmed partner in crime, as it were. That… » 1/27/07 9:23pm 1/27/07 9:23pm

Brava Firenze: Alex Roy's Gumball 3000 Police Escort

Back story: During the Italian leg of the Gumball 3000 rally in Europe this past May, Alex Roy, Jalopnik's road-rally correspondent, lead pilot of Team Polizei and king of all media, asked a few Italian police officers (in an Alfa Romeo 145 Subaru Legacy) where they could find a gas station. What followed may be the… » 7/14/05 10:09am 7/14/05 10:09am