Porsche Racer Spins Out In Front Of 29 Other Cars, Doesn't Crash

What happens when you spin out in the first turn of a GT3 Cup race, right in front of 29 other Porsches? Uh, not a lot, actually. » 8/12/13 10:20am 8/12/13 10:20am

The Future Of American Road Racing is Here, Sort Of.

The unofficial first race of the United SportsCar Racing Series (USCR) is taking place this weekend at Road America. Except, it's not a race. It is largely an open test weekend, with two individual series' racing both today and tomorrow. The GRAND-AM Road Racing Series (GA) and the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) are… » 8/10/13 12:07pm 8/10/13 12:07pm

ALMS At Road America: The Über Gallery

The American Le Mans Series went to Road America two weekends back. You've read the recaps, you've watched the epic last laps, now check out the best pictures of the race. There's the new Viper GTS-R facing off against Corvettes, Ferraris, and Porsches. » 8/29/12 5:30pm 8/29/12 5:30pm

Nascar And Grand-Am At Road America: The Double-Über Gallery

We're late to the news that both Grand-Am and Nascar visited Road America the weekend before last, but we're going to drool over the right-turning, road racing action shot by Trevor Andrusko and Halston Pitman of MotorSportMedia anyway. » 7/03/12 5:15pm 7/03/12 5:15pm

This Is What Happens When You Roll A Cadillac Over A Wall

The cross-country street legal One Lap of America rolled into Road America for their latest stage today, leading the drivers of the CTS-V Sport Wagon to roll their wagon so hard it flipped over a retaining wall. The car spared itself with an explosion of airbags so that the driver could walk away uninjured. UPDATE » 5/11/12 2:00pm 5/11/12 2:00pm

Racing Corvette Catches Fire In Dramatic Fashion

At a Road America SCCA event, a Corvette driver was doing his thing when his hind-end swung around unexpectedly. The cause: A fire he hadn't noticed melted the tires. Slide show of the action below. » 6/24/09 8:30am 6/24/09 8:30am

Audi Promises to Prevail at Road America

Sick of humiliation at the hands of their part-owners and rivals, Audi boldly steps up the rhetoric and claims that they shall emerge victorious from this weekend's ALMS event at Road America. Having been soundly rounded by LMP2 cars in the last five races, the ALMS has made some next-season concessions to keep the… » 8/03/07 9:00pm 8/03/07 9:00pm

More on da Matta's Deer Incident at Road America

Faithful tipster Scott sent over this bit from ESPN regarding Champ Car-driver Cristiano da Matta's collision with a deer during a practice session at Elkhart Lake. Cristiano is currently hospitalized in critical condition, in a medically-induced coma, due to a subdural hematoma. In layman's terms, it means that the… » 8/04/06 7:30pm 8/04/06 7:30pm

Champ Car Bails on Vegas, Heads Back to Road America

Champ Car bids a tearful adieu to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, saying, "We will continue to research other opportunities for future events in the Las Vegas market that hopefully are a better fit for our business model expectations." But screw all that, because they're replacing the event by coming back Road America!… » 11/29/05 3:55pm 11/29/05 3:55pm