These Autonomous Patrol Cars Keep Watch Over Our Nuclear Stockpiles

Monitoring America's nuclear stockpiles is vital but mind-numbingly dull work. So rather than rely on easily distracted human guards, the storage facilities at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) are now being watched by the unblinking eyes of a mobile robotic patrol fleet. » 3/16/14 1:30pm 3/16/14 1:30pm

This Toy Building Kit Lets You Make Tiny Driving Robots

This is the work of Modular Robotic's MOSS Robotic Building Toy. It's a series of little building blocks that, when assembled, function as little robots. They can drive, they can react, they can be built any way you like. Above is a cool hands-on video from Engadget and below is Gizmodo's in-depth explanation on how… » 2/26/14 4:26pm 2/26/14 4:26pm

Woman Solves Traffic Problems In The Congo With A Giant Robot

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, isn't a great destination for orderly-traffic fetishists. Generally, it's chaos. But, if you happen to be a much more exciting giant robot fetishist, it's a great place, all thanks to inventor Isaie Therese and her 8-foot tall traffic control robots. » 2/06/14 5:20pm 2/06/14 5:20pm

Badass Tunnel Bots And The Border Patrol Agents Who Love Them

In the last fourteen years, the US Border Patrol has found more than 170 tunnels they believe are used for smuggling contraband between Mexico and the States. Since American law enforcers don't want to enter the tunnels themselves, they're sending in cute little robots to do their dirty work. » 1/15/14 3:52pm 1/15/14 3:52pm

Bot Cameras, Lidar Eyes, and the Driverless Racetrack of the Future


Gizmodo's coverage of the DARPA Robotics Challenge continues with day two at the Homestead Speedway south of Miami. The weekend has arrived and the crowds are here with their kids, cheering on the bots. » 12/21/13 4:53pm 12/21/13 4:53pm

A Closer Look at Google's New Robot Army

We learned Saturday that Google has purchased Boston Dynamics, the lab of mad scientists behind some of the most awesomely scary robots ever seen. What exactly did Google get out of the deal? An army of jaw-droppingly capable robots that can walk, run, and climb through seemingly any terrain. Let's meet the team. » 12/14/13 1:18pm 12/14/13 1:18pm

Amazon's Dream Of Flying Robots Delivering Crap Needs 5 Things To Work

Yesterday we got a little glimpse in to the sort of things that make Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' pants tighten, and it's all flying robots dropping boxes. Bezos' drone-delivery system, called Amazon PrimeAir, was introduced with a little video showing how he imagines the service to work. I'm here to tell how it could really » 12/03/13 3:10pm 12/03/13 3:10pm

Failed Carbon Motors Founder Is Back With Robot Security Guard Concept

You may remember William Santana Li from such failed startup ventures as Carbon Motors, which sought to make a purpose-built police cruiser but instead went bankrupt and left Indiana taxpayers and investors millions of dollars in the hole. Now he's back with another law enforcement tool: a robot security guard. » 12/02/13 3:00pm 12/02/13 3:00pm

Google's Cars Now Drive Better Than You Do

Though there may be plenty of hurdles when it comes to getting self-driving cars on the road in large numbers, Google has gotten one step closer to its goal of replacing every human on Earth with machines (I think that's what "Don't Be Evil" meant). Through an analysis of reams of data, they've proven that their… » 10/26/13 11:15am 10/26/13 11:15am

Cute Robot Sent To Keep Astronauts Company Makes First Speech In Space

This humanoid communication robot, equipped with Toyota's voice-recognition software, said "On August 21, 2013, a robot took one small step toward a brighter future for all." It was the first robot voice ever heard in space, and boy was it cute. » 9/05/13 8:21am 9/05/13 8:21am

Skunk Works Is Building a Drone That Carries Cars Instead of Cameras

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works' Transformer TX started out as yet another design for the oft-predicted but never delivered flying car. But it's since turned into an entirely different type of flying machine: an autonomous way for the military to airlift vehicles and cargo to dangerous areas. » 8/19/13 3:30pm 8/19/13 3:30pm

This Crazy Exoskeleton Suit Gives Schoolgirls (or Anyone) Super Powers

There are two paths to gaining super powers that don't involve mutations, radiation, or intergalactic origins. You can go the RoboCop route, where your body—or what's left of it—is permanently melded to a robotic frame. Or the Iron Man route, where you temporarily don a robotic supersuit and kick ass. The latter… » 7/08/13 7:40pm 7/08/13 7:40pm

Watch the Muhammad Ali of BattleBots Destroy Everything in Its Path

There are "battle bots" and then there are "utter, one-sided destruction bots." The two-wheeled harbinger of destruction called Last Rites fits in that second category. Powered by an over-volted golf cart motor and wielding a spinning hammer-blade of doom, it's really a force to behold. And the folks over at Distort » 6/27/13 10:56am 6/27/13 10:56am

Ford Is Using Robots to Put Cars Through Its Toughest Tests

As much fun as test driving pre-production cars may seem, cruising around a course meant to see how hard a car can take a beating usually means a few hits to the human inside, as well. Not to mention the fact that human drivers are notoriously high maintenance—always wanting things like "food" and "sleep" and "legal… » 6/17/13 11:43am 6/17/13 11:43am

Lego Will Make a Mars Curiosity Rover Set

Rejoice fellow space and brick nutters, because Lego is going to release an official Mars Curiosity set! The original model was designed by Stephen Pakbaz, an actual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's mechanical engineer who worked in the mission. Pakbaz entered his creation in Lego Cuusoo, a web site that allows fans to … » 6/15/13 10:53pm 6/15/13 10:53pm