Waterlogged Cars Big in 'Bama

Waterlogged cars are hitting sales records in Alabama. Cars that suffered through Katrina and Rita are being passed off by shady types and snapped up by the masses. According to Carfax, the sales of formerly-waterlogged vehicles are up 374 percent, although to be fair, 'Bama comes in second to Mississippi in the… » 2/02/07 10:30pm 2/02/07 10:30pm

Texans to Feds: Bring Us Fuel!

With all of the Rita-induced gridlock on northbound Texas freeways, many people have taken to pushing their vehicles to conserve fuel. Tired of playing Sisyphus, the beleaguered refugees are calling for the Feds to supply them with gasoline to keep the traffic crawling steadily away from the coming devastation. The… » 9/23/05 12:18pm 9/23/05 12:18pm

A Quick Moment in the Calm Before the Storm

Continuing on with our tradition of quoting Grant Hart just before a devastating hurricane strikes the Gulf Coast, we thought we'd mention that "Turn on the News" seems particularly prescient down here in Texas right now. Check it:
» 9/23/05 11:47am 9/23/05 11:47am