A Brief History Of The Iconic Vehicles In Harold Ramis Films

Today we lost Harold Ramis, one of the most successful comedy writers and directors of our time who gave us classics like "Caddyshack," "Groundhog Day" and "Stripes." He's also responsible for introducing three of the most popular movie cars into the pop culture universe. » 2/24/14 5:30pm 2/24/14 5:30pm

​New Fast & Furious 7 Poster Brings "Vin Diesel" to Tears

["Vin Diesel", who is probably not Vin Diesel, took to Twitter today to share a new teaser poster for Fast & Furious 7, noting the homage to deceased co-star Paul Walker makes him "want to cry." "This is where roads part," the image reads while two cars speed away from each other in the probably-fake poster. Image via Twitter » 1/21/14 5:33pm 1/21/14 5:33pm

Suicide Attacker Detonates Bomb In Russian Train Station

A suicide bomber detonated an explosive device this morning in the train station of the southern Russian city of Volgograd. 14 people were reportedly killed, and 34 people were injured. The attack comes just weeks before the beginning of the Winter Olympics in the nearby city of Sochi. » 12/29/13 9:51am 12/29/13 9:51am

All The Paul Walker Crash Video Shows Is Enthusiasts Trying To Help

While a recording of the unfortunate crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas might give investigators some idea of what happened and end the rampant speculation, the video circulating now mostly serves to feed the media's need for fresh images. But if you stick around after the crash you'll see something… » 12/03/13 10:33am 12/03/13 10:33am

Porsche That Paul Walker Died In 'Dangerous,' 'Needs Respect'

Porsche's famed test driver Walter Rohrl was scared of it. A former manager at Porsche has called the CGT "the most dangerous car on the road." And IndyCar driver and Carrera GT owner Graham Rahal says it "needs respect." This is not a car to mess with, and two people paid the ultimate price this weekend. » 12/02/13 3:20pm 12/02/13 3:20pm

The Motoring World Responds To Paul Walker's Death

After news first broke of Paul Walker's death last night, there was an outpouring of condolences from across the world. Unusual for an actor, though, was the outpouring from the racing world. Racers from all walks stepped forth on Twitter to offer their thoughts. » 12/01/13 11:05am 12/01/13 11:05am

Fast And Furious Star Paul Walker Killed In Fiery Car Accident

Fast And Furious star Paul Walker died earlier this evening after a car accident in Santa Clarita, California. Multiple reports indicate Walker, 40, was a passenger in a Porsche Carrera GT that collided with a pole and caused a fire. Walker and the driver, Roger Rodas, were both pronounced dead at the scene. » 11/30/13 9:20pm 11/30/13 9:20pm

Kurt Caselli Not Killed By Booby-Trapped Course, Competitor Says

Kurt Caselli, the motorcycle racer who was tragically killed last night in an accident during the Baja 1000, was not killed by a booby-trap set along the course, according to competitor for Kawasaki Taylor Robert. Reports are still unclear, but this looks like one of the few from someone actually there. » 11/16/13 4:31pm 11/16/13 4:31pm

Racer Kurt Caselli Killed In Crash At The Baja 1000 [UPDATE]

KTM factory motorcycle racer Kurt Caselli was killed last night as he was racing this year's running of the Baja 1000. It's not immediately clear what happened, but early reports are that he was killed when he hit some sort of man-made booby trap set by locals along the course. » 11/16/13 9:09am 11/16/13 9:09am