New Kia Rio is not a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota

I'll never forget my first time in a Kia Rio. It was Los Angeles, 1937. I'd just started my job as a fluffer for Transworld Airlines. Howard Hughes pulled up. Oh wait, that wasn't a Kia Rio at all. » 4/21/11 2:30pm 4/21/11 2:30pm

2012 New Kia Rio no longer poster car for personal defeat

Because Switzerland is the home of all things small and precise, Kia will unveil its redone Rio there next month, aiming to take on the Fiestas and Yaris-es of the world in the new class of small cars you can buy even if you're not a 16-year-old girl or a 36-year-old failure. » 2/11/11 10:20am 2/11/11 10:20am

Top Gear USA's Reasonably-Priced Car Is... The Kia Rio

The Americanized version of Top Gear is carrying over the "Star In A Reasonably-Priced Car" segment as we previously reported, and we've just learned from our source that the star car in question is the Kia Rio. Again. UPDATE. » 9/15/10 1:30pm 9/15/10 1:30pm

EXCLUSIVE: US Top Gear To Put Howie Mandel And Melanie B In…

Well folks, we've now heard from two separate sources that the reasonably-priced car that Adam Carolla, Tanner Foust and Eric Stromer will drop stars behind the wheel of will be none other than the Kia Rio. But that's not all we've learned. Our sources also tell us the first two stars to sit behind the wheel will be… » 7/25/08 6:15pm 7/25/08 6:15pm

Kia to Designate Performance Models "XR"

It may be cliché to stick a bunch of Xs and Rs on a tweaked econobox and call it a performance brand, but some clichés are just fine for getting the job done. For Kia, XR will mean performance — that is, turbocharging in Europe, supercharging for US-bound cars. Kia told Autocar it's calling that strategy "glocal" —… » 5/22/07 11:36am 5/22/07 11:36am

Uh Oh - Hybrid Kia Comes To Geneva

High on the list of cars people probably aren't exactly excited about at the Geneva Auto Show is the Kia Rio Hybrid (regular Rio pictured), but that doesn't mean it isn't important. Sure it doesn't have the good looks of a new Maserati, or the mind blowing engineering of a highly-tuned Porsche, but it's got spunk...… » 2/23/07 7:30am 2/23/07 7:30am

Spy Photos: More on the Kia Rio Hybrid

Our Kia Rio hybrid tipster says some of the shots he received in his P.O. box have surfaced on CarSpyShots, including one showing the dash gauges (pictured). You'll notice the "charge/assist" gauge, which either means the model's got a hybrid-drive system, or someone's Korean-to-English dictionary has some pages… » 8/14/06 8:57am 8/14/06 8:57am

Autobytel Names Kia Rio "Most Improved"

We only have one joke that goes along with the award of "most improved," an honor mainly reserved for stoners whose moms worked in the high-school office. Now, Autobytel has named the 2006 Kia Rio Most Improved New Car for 2006, meaning it offers a better ride and more standard safety features, passenger space and… » 12/19/05 11:18am 12/19/05 11:18am

Kia's New Rio: First-Time Buyer Discount

According to AutoWeek, Kia may be leading the race up from the bottom, with a new entry-level Rio that's larger, quicker and better stocked than the econobox it replaces. With few competitors in the $10,000-$15,000 range, Kia has a relatively open field, at least until new minicars from Toyota and Honda hit the… » 9/22/05 1:28pm 9/22/05 1:28pm