EXCLUSIVE: DMC Builds Right-Hand Drive DeLorean

Thanks to Back To The Future, the DeLorean is an international icon. But what if you want to travel back in time from the UK? Now, DeLorean Motor Company will build you a right-hand drive version. Here's the first shots. » 12/14/09 10:30am 12/14/09 10:30am

Atlas Of Right-Hand Drive Vs. Left-Hand Drive Countries

Here's a map of the world showing driving directions for all countries and any changes occurring since Finland changed in 1858. Map color key below. » 10/16/09 3:30pm 10/16/09 3:30pm

Kazakhstan Not Banning RHD Cars

Kazakhstan has decided not to ban the presence of right-hand drive cars on its roads after all. Rather, future imports of RHD vehicles will be restricted. The government reversed its intention take the vehicles — largely imported JDM models — off the nation's highways and byways due to the massive upsetitude of many… » 7/16/07 7:25pm 7/16/07 7:25pm

Right Hand Green: Jeep Cherokee Converted for Right Drive for Sale on…

Holy crap, this is the scariest vehicle we've seen in ages. It's a US model Jeep Cherokee Sport converted to right-hand-drive for rural-route mail delivery, or for the UK, Australia, or Japanese buyer who takes his No Fear sticker literally. Comes complete with Darwin Award brand belt, guaranteed not to snap unless… » 2/13/06 3:09pm 2/13/06 3:09pm