Ferrambo Wins 2008 Ridler Award At Detroit Autorama

After the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, we needed a little recoup time, but yesterday we were back on the beat at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. We're just going to lay the smack down right away, the winner of the 2008 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award was a car we saw last year in the building stages - a Ferrari-engined Nash… » 3/10/08 7:30am 3/10/08 7:30am

The Ridler is Won, and Not by Foose!

Admittedly, dear Chip went lowbrow this year and had his car displayed in the "rat rod" [shiver] area of the show, so this year's Don Ridler Memorial Award at the Detroit Autorama went home with Kevin Alstott of Ft. Dodge, Iowa for his '35 Ford built by Roger Burman's Lakeside Rods. And you know, we've gotta admit, we… » 3/06/06 6:17pm 3/06/06 6:17pm