Ride-Sharing Poll: Uber Lamborghini Or Hooptilee Beater?

One of the best things about ride-sharing services is you can match the car to your destination. Headed out to the opera? An Uber Black fits the bill. Meeting friends at the bar? Lyft is a solid choice. But what if you want something even more specialized? I mean really specialized? » 3/24/15 10:05pm 3/24/15 10:05pm

​Ford Is Considering A Vehicle Designed For Ride-Sharing

Among the 25 "global mobility experiments" Ford announced this year at CES was a ride-sharing service the automaker is testing with its employees in Dearborn. But the plans aren't just limited to an app. Ford is contemplating making a dedicated vehicle for the program. » 2/25/15 7:20pm 2/25/15 7:20pm

​Lyft Is Finally Ditching Its Stupid Stuffed Pink Mustache

Sorry tech bros, your days of snorting and chortling and calling Lyft "mustache rides" are pretty much over. The pink fluffy 'stache on the ride-sharing service's cars is going away, because who wants to roll up to a date with a crusty Muppet prosthetic stuck to your hood? » 1/20/15 9:35pm 1/20/15 9:35pm

Uber's Toughest Year Yet

There are many ride sharing services that provide an alternative to traditional taxi cabs, but none larger than Uber. With backing from big names like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Uber has expanded globally and asserted its dominance in cities across the United States. They're now… » 12/30/14 1:25pm 12/30/14 1:25pm

Yet Another Uber Driver Charged With Rape And Kidnapping In Boston

In what has become a disturbingly frequent trend around the world, yet another driver for the Uber ride-sharing service has been charged with a litany of crimes, including rape and kidnapping. » 12/18/14 12:53pm 12/18/14 12:53pm

6 Uber Alternatives Because Uber Is Run By Dirtbags

Have you had it with Uber yet? The company price-gouges customers, screws over its drivers, and now, an Uber exec just publicly outlined a cavalier plan to spy on journalists in retaliation for critical coverage. Good news! You don't have to use it anymore. You can use these alternatives instead. » 11/18/14 9:45am 11/18/14 9:45am

Uber Just Got A Failing Grade From The Better Business Bureau

Uber, that taxi-app service that a lot of people seem to hate for screwing with competitors and privacy and the disabled and hammers, was just given an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau. "F" does not stand for "Fun." » 10/13/14 10:23am 10/13/14 10:23am

​Uber Driver Accused Of Bashing Rider's Head In With A Hammer

An Uber X driver is accused of bludgeoning a rider with a hammer following a dispute about the route the driver was taking. » 9/26/14 7:15pm 9/26/14 7:15pm

Uber Banned In Germany, Plans To Ignore It And Keep On Uber-ing

Ride-sharing service Uber is good for two things: catching a ride in a more convenient way than hailing a taxi in some cities, and pissing people off. They've done the latter just about everywhere, the latest example being in Germany, where their service was banned outright by a regional court. » 9/02/14 10:18am 9/02/14 10:18am

Sorry, But the FAA Has Decided Your 'Uber for Planes' Idea Can't Fly

The Federal Aviation Authority has shoved your Uber for planes idea back into the hangar. Yesterday, it ruled that it has banned pilots from "publicly offering seats on their planes in exchange for gas money," reports TechCrunch. That puts startups like AirPooler and FlyteNow in a legal bind since they were offering… » 8/17/14 1:29pm 8/17/14 1:29pm

​You'll Never Give Your Uber Driver Directions Again

Uber's latest update for its mobile apps finally solves one of the biggest problems with the service: drivers having no damn clue where they're going. » 8/13/14 1:01pm 8/13/14 1:01pm

​Uber Is The New GOP Darling Because Freedom

Republicans are slowly embracing the techno-libertarianism emanating from Silicon Valley. First it was the about-face in the battle between Tesla and dealers, and now the GOP is all about Uber. » 8/08/14 3:05pm 8/08/14 3:05pm

​Fucking Uber And Lyft Drivers Is Apparently A Thing

Uber and Lyft are doing everything they can to recruit new drivers. There's cash and perks and a bevy of enticing benefits, but for whatever reason they're not mentioning the massive amount of spontaneous sex drivers are having with riders. » 7/29/14 3:38pm 7/29/14 3:38pm

Lyft in New York Is a Ghost Town

After a harrowing launch attempt and some legal wrangling with city regulators, Lyft has finally arrived in New York. Sort of. If you actually try to use the app, there are no rides to be found. » 7/28/14 2:35pm 7/28/14 2:35pm

​Uber Wants To Be Cheap Enough To Replace Your Car

Uber has been cutting prices for its lower-cost UberX cars since the budget ridesharing service launched in 2012, and the reasons are obvious: Get more people into more cars more often. But Uber CEO Travis Kalanick wants it to be so affordable you'll give up your own ride. » 7/15/14 3:52pm 7/15/14 3:52pm

D.C. Taxi Drivers Gridlock Downtown To Protest Uber And Lyft

If you're a taxi driver, how do you generate sympathy among the public when you feel your business is threatened by ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft? Do you A.) Get better about showing up on time, B.) Make a ridiculously useful app of your own, or C.) Create a massive traffic jam in a city already notorious… » 6/25/14 2:49pm 6/25/14 2:49pm

Go Crazy With New Web-Based Rideshare Service

Problem: Apparently there are people out there with cars who want to give people a ride. Conversely, there are people out there who don't have a car who want to get rides.

Solution: The internet, duh!

» 4/24/07 9:45am 4/24/07 9:45am
Although we're slightly dubious as to whether there's really a great need for a service to accomplish this in places…