Rick Perry Rented A C-130 Hercules To Use As Campaign Kickoff Backdrop

Rick Perry is at it again, chasing his dreams of becoming the most powerful person and defacto leader of planet earth. This time around he’s armed with cool hipster glasses, a load of famous Navy SEALs and a C-130 Hercules campaign plane. Well, more like a campaign plane prop, as in one that won’t fly. »6/04/15 7:43pm6/04/15 7:43pm


Toyota Is Moving Most Of Its U.S. Headquarters To Texas

Apparently all of my talk about how great Texas is has rubbed off on Toyota, or perhaps the low cost of doing business has encouraged the automaker to move "substantial parts of its U.S. headquarters" away from Torrance, California to suburban Dallas as Bloomberg just reported. Howdy, y'all, I hope you like brisket. »4/27/14 6:53pm4/27/14 6:53pm