Richard Petty Reunited With His Record-Setting Race Car At Goodwood

You can see a lot of cool things at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed, like supercars charging up the hill, or amazing sculptures, and it's all very European. Well, Richard Petty didn't get that memo because he, his Plymouth Belvedere GTX, and his hat brought the America. » 6/28/14 4:21pm 6/28/14 4:21pm

Richard Petty Loves The Ladies, Richard Petty Says

Richard Petty is a very famous, very successful, and very old NASCAR driver. So when he said a stupid thing about NASCAR driver Danica Patrick last week, we all let out a collective "ugh" and shook our heads. Just so we know, though, Richard Petty is NOT a sexist. In fact, Richard Petty loves women. A lot. » 2/16/14 9:42am 2/16/14 9:42am

For $8,000, experience magnum force

Richard Petty's long relationship with Chrysler ended with the Dodge Magnum, and in fact for the first time since 1960, Petty racked up nary a single Grand National win in 1978 while driving that car. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Magnum comes from that same winless year, but will its price earn the checkered? » 10/03/11 8:00am 10/03/11 8:00am

STP returns to Nascar

STP, the iconic engine additive brand and logo, long known for its connections to Indy racing greats Andretti, Parnelli Jones, Gordon Johncock and some guy named Richard Petty, has been largely absent for 11 years in major American motorsports. » 4/14/11 11:00am 4/14/11 11:00am

NASCAR Hall Of Fame Opens, Displays Weird, Stock-Looking Cars

The brand-new, $195 million, ironically high-tech NASCAR Hall of Fame Museum opened its doors for business today. Displays include Richard Petty's Blue Plymouth Superbird and Junior Johnson's illegal moonshinin' still, a relic of the sport's more illicit origins. [FoxNews] » 5/11/10 4:30pm 5/11/10 4:30pm

The Ferrari That Can Only Turn Left

Fans are unlikely to hurl cans of Miller Lite while hollering "Sacrilege!" at this Ferrari F430, set to race in the British GT Championship. That's right, this Ferrari borrows its STP-themed paint from Richard Petty's old NASCAR racer. » 1/19/10 10:30am 1/19/10 10:30am

Richard Petty To Race Fords Again

Okay, not the King his own self, but Richard Petty Motorsports will merge with Yates Racing to run four Ford Fusions in the 2010 Sprint Cup. If only it was high-winged Superbirds... [Ford Racing] » 9/11/09 3:15pm 9/11/09 3:15pm

Top Ten Most Important NASCAR Crashes Of All Time

Our friends at Popular Mechanics » 9/19/08 4:15pm 9/19/08 4:15pm have put together a list of what they consider the top ten most influential crashes in NASCAR history, complete with video. These ten smash-ups were influential not in how they changed the course of a single race, but in how they got us to today's "Car of Tomorrow," a race car that is…

Let's Sing a Song of Pennzoil: Thoughts on the Dodge Challenger Launch

We shit you not, but at one point, while attempting to say something, Tom LaSorda totally hijacked and ran off with Homsar's famous "AaAaAaA..." Other highlights? A random appearance by Anthony Edwards, who got flustered when Richard Petty gave him crap about being an open-wheel guy. Kasey Kahne? Boring as hell. Eric… » 7/01/06 2:31pm 7/01/06 2:31pm

Flossing a Dead Horse: The Boringness of Racing Drivers

Go ahead. Call Richard Petty a relic. Call him back-asswards on women's issues. Fair game, of course. But never let it be said that the man doesn't have personality. The kids over at, Chrysler's media-only blog, posted a podcast featuring some short interviews with NASCAR drivers past and present,… » 6/16/06 6:00pm 6/16/06 6:00pm