40 Years Of Not Getting Stuck: A Subaru AWD History

Subaru's now famous Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive is 40 years old. Contrary to what you might expect, the first couple of Subarus using it were not turbocharged racecars fighting against the mud and snow but rather affordable coupes and family cars in need of some extra grip. The Japanese company has been commited to… »12/06/12 5:30pm12/06/12 5:30pm

In Memoriam: Subaru Offers Hero-Edition Impreza in the UK

When famed rallyist Richard Burns lost a battle with cancer in 2005, two years after a brain tumor ended his WRC career, the Subaru enthusiast community raised millions in his name for cancer research. Now, Subaru is kicking in with a memorial of its own for the once Subaru World Rally Team star. Dubbed the RB320,… »11/22/06 7:22am11/22/06 7:22am