How Was No One Killed In This Insane Street Racing Crash?

Last Sunday, two Hondas outside of Tampa, Florida sat side-by-side on the highway, about to start a street race when a drunk driver in a Nissan SUV smashed into one of the racers at speed. Unbelievably, no one was seriously injured. » 2/09/12 2:30pm 2/09/12 2:30pm

Thirty Vehicular "You're Doing It Wrong" Moments: Version 4.0

Versions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 of our automotive editions of "You're Doing It Wrong" proved to be such hits we decided time's right for "You're Doing It Wrong" Version 4.0! » 6/25/09 2:00pm 6/25/09 2:00pm

Thirty Vehicular "You're Doing It Wrong" Moments: Version 3.0

Since Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 of "You're Doing It Wrong" went over so well, and because Wert's out this afternoon, we decided it's high time to bring you Version 3.0! » 2/13/09 3:01pm 2/13/09 3:01pm