Welcome To The 240sx Grill

Everyone's favorite Japanese hotrod, the Nissan 240sx, has served roles as diverse as budget drift machine and time attack hero. But did you think it could serve burgers as well as it can toast tire hides? All it needs is your clever caption. Hat tip to Tyler! [JPCN] » 12/10/08 4:40pm 12/10/08 4:40pm

Top Ten Ways To Drive Like A, Um... Modified Import Car Enthusiast

People give young folks in backwards baseball caps driving tuned Civics a lot of grief. Deserved maybe, but grief nonetheless. Are they really that irritating? Do we really have to call them "Ricers?" Why stereotype? Aren’t they just misguided kids trying to make their mark in life the only way they know how: by … » 10/21/08 1:00pm 10/21/08 1:00pm