Jeep Owner Clicks Bedliner Option One Too Many Times

Covering a car in Rhino bedliner spray is something we've been thinking about ever since we found out that this V8-powered 2CV had a similar setup. And while the 2CV maintained a rather classy and safari-appropriate white color, this Jeep Grand Cherokee has been drenched with the standard-issue light black color.… » 5/02/08 3:40pm 5/02/08 3:40pm

Because Everyone Needs a Hair Horn: Rhino as Emergency Vehicle

The Rhino, a Honda-four-powered off-road vehicle has been outfitted for emergency use, in what the ute's manufacturer hopes is a solid bid for rough-terrain rescue clients where larger, less specialized vehicles simply won't fit the bill. The Search and Rescue edition reared its tube-framed head at SEMA last week. No… » 11/06/06 7:39pm 11/06/06 7:39pm