Roehr 1250sc, The New American Sportsbike

With a supercharged Harley V-Rod engine putting out 180bhp and a chassis made from steel and aluminum, the production-ready Roehr 1250sc promises to bring a new level of American-made performance to the streets. It'll carry a new level of exclusivity, too. Why? When production starts in Illinois this fall, expect to… » 5/07/08 10:20am 5/07/08 10:20am

The BMW M3 Takes You Through The V8 On A Real Fantastic Voyage In…

As we've already shown you, the new BMW M3 is a hot bit of precision machinery. While it is essentially a modified 3-series, the real difference is the M3's 4.0-liter V8. Trouble is, nowadays you pop the hood and you're overwhelmed with all sorts of plastic and coated metal covers. So BMW decided the M3's V8 engine… » 4/08/08 5:15pm 4/08/08 5:15pm