Probable Idiot, Possible Loon In Audi Drives Backwards Through LA

I was an LA driver for over 20 years. I’ve driven down twisty Laurel Canyon road, and always enjoyed it, in all kinds of cars. I never thought to myself “Gee, what good fun this is. I’d sure like to try it backwards!” Because, surprisingly, I’m not an idiot. I’m not so sure about our Audi-driving friend here. » 7/13/15 9:25am 7/13/15 9:25am

Ferrari 458 Italia driver starts drag race in reverse

Your fancy dual-clutch seven-speed transmission may let you make shifts faster than hummingbird farts, Mr. Ferrari 458 Italia driver, but we're guessing you wouldn't accidentally start a drag race in reverse if you had a classic gated shifter and embarrassed yourself in front of all these people and the Internet. » 8/10/11 1:30pm 8/10/11 1:30pm

100dB Back-Up Alarm Has A Female Voice: Coincidence?

Depending on your vehicle of choice and experience behind the wheel, backing up can be one hell of a dastardly task what with the kids, other cars, people and more objects to contend with. One possible solution to this is products like the "Our Lady of the Trunk." This device is a backup alarm that connects to the… » 5/13/08 2:20pm 5/13/08 2:20pm