A Treasury of Flying Cars, from the Golden Age of Aviation

Every time you get in a traffic jam, you dream of pulling a lever, adding wings to your car, and soaring over the rest of the poor drivers. And then you wonder: Where's my flying car? The truth is, flying cars have existed for decades. You just wouldn't want most of these. » 6/03/13 6:43pm 6/03/13 6:43pm

Highways Of Future Past: How Close Are We?

The Disney-produced "Magic Highway" animated short presented how 1950s futurists viewed future transportation. It's equally prescient (LifeFlight, sprawl), ridiculous (nuclear cars, air-conditioned roads) and patriarchal (mom to the mall). But what from these highways of future past came true? » 12/09/09 4:00pm 12/09/09 4:00pm

Sometimes Yesterday's Today is Eerily Accurate

It's always fun to look back at publications which predict what the future will be like - especially if that future is already the past. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing just how far we haven't progressed. In the case of this 1979 book, The Usborne Book of the Future - A trip in time to the year 2000 and beyond » 2/04/08 11:45am 2/04/08 11:45am

Auto Futura Recreates Modern GT40 in Gulf Oil Livery

This is retrofuturism done right. Besides the paint job, here's the important stuff: 500 hp at the crank, 2,305 pounds (about 1,000 kilos for you of the metric persuasion), designed to accept a bolt in roll cage and because of the "Gurney hump" helmeted driver's up to 6'4" can hoon about to their heart's content. No, this … » 1/07/08 12:15pm 1/07/08 12:15pm