She's So Fine, My 2351cc! Simca Chambord Alert!

I've forgotten my dream of owning a Harlequin Trabant with air horns, because I have found something even better Over There, in the land where our heroic doughboys braved mustard gas and Minenwerfers to fight the Kaiser: a 1959 Simca Chambord. The evolution of the Vedette R gence, the body of the '59 Chambord showed… » 2/16/07 9:45am 2/16/07 9:45am

"Beast of Turin" Racer up for Auction

As if we needed more evidence that car racers in the first part of the last century had cojones the size of western Massachusetts, "La Bestioni" is going up for auction. The 1919 "Beast of Turin," a twin-seat boat-tail racer built on the frame of an American La France fire truck, is powered by a 14-liter six-cylinder… » 3/10/06 8:09am 3/10/06 8:09am

In Defense of a "Cheesewagen": Ferrari Daytona Replica at…

One Barrett-Jackson attendee and fan of the Ferrari Daytona replica sounds off re: our correspondent's portrayal of one of the kit cars on the block. The exact quote was "Crockett and Tubbs wouldn t be caught dead in this cheesewagen." » 1/22/06 1:07pm 1/22/06 1:07pm

Hmm, it looks the same, though it's the fire-engine red (sorry, -red) paint that…

GM's Futurliner Brings in Record-setting $4.5 Million at Barrett-Jackson

Our top-secret Barrett-Jackson correspondent reports on the sale of GM's Futurliner — a mega-bus designed by Harley Earl and built for GM's Motorama presentations in 1950. » 1/22/06 8:04am 1/22/06 8:04am

Example of GM's post-war market dominance and technological prowess, or glorified Oscar Meyer Wienermobile? You make the call. [.]

Chevelle LS6 Goes for Beaucoup Bucks at Barrett-Jackson

Our top-secret man at Barrett-Jackson notes the high-profile sale, last night, of a 1970 Chevy Chevelle LS6 — an awesomely fast and even more awesomely rare 454-powered droptop. » 1/21/06 10:52pm 1/21/06 10:52pm

. Hemi Cuda? At this level of action, figure more zeros than a bowl of Spaghetti Os.

Go Trojan!: Rare Minicar Crosses the Block at Barrett-Jackson

Our secret-agent man in the scene at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale this week brings us this tri-wheeled oddity, a 1959 Heinkel Trojan, which went on the block earlier today. Its history can be traced to aircraft engineer Ernst Heinkel who built a prototype after seeing the similar ISO (later BMW) Isetta… » 1/19/06 8:42pm 1/19/06 8:42pm

What Would a Dolphin Painter Drive: A Rambo Lambo, of Course

With two posts already devoted to porpoisefull (heh heh) auto paint jobs by Yanni of the airbrush, Christian Lassen, imagine our surprise when a tipster revealed a 1990 Lamborghini LM002 "Rambo Lambo" once owned by Lassen has popped up for sale on eBay. With Lassen's mammalian subjects so undisturbed as to make a… » 1/17/06 12:10pm 1/17/06 12:10pm

Collector Mag Launches Auction Information Service for Handhelds

Imagine you're at some high-profile collector-car auction. You fall for some rare hottie on the block, but don't have enough data stored in the ol' meat computer to make an educated bid. Now imagine you had access to reams of information on other cars like it that sold at auction — the auction company that offered… » 1/13/06 9:10pm 1/13/06 9:10pm

Barrett-Jackson to Auction "001" Cars

Barrett-Jackson's PR team has gone into overdrive, figuring out ways to package and repackage the lineup of cars to be auctioned at its Scottsdale event for maximum press coverage; and we bite just about every time they say boo. This time, the story is on the seven serial-number one vehicles to be on the block (no… » 12/07/05 8:52am 12/07/05 8:52am

Rare Lands Precedent Prototype for Sale on eBay

This awkward-looking Lands Precedent could be the rarest vehicle we've ever seen on eBay for under ten grand. One of two prototypes built by Lands Motor Company of Elkhart Indiana, the Precedent is a nearly forgotten V8-powered luxury van. It's so rare, in fact, that the only other online reference we could find is a… » 9/20/05 10:02am 9/20/05 10:02am

Bizzarrini Racer for Sale on eBay

If we had an eBay Catch of the Day feature, this Bizzarrini 1300 Barchetta would be the first on it. Not because it's a good deal at a currently-below-reserve $50,000 (who knows?), but because its cool and rare (allegedly one of three), and because we say so. The Bizz 1300 shares a 1.3-liter, high-revving buzzbox… » 9/08/05 5:33pm 9/08/05 5:33pm

Rare Isdera Prototype for Sale on eBay; Ya Think?

Caveat emptor!! Excuse us for being skeptics, but couldn't the seller of a $5 million exotic German prototype supercar bother to include pictures that aren't from some magazine (and are of the car that's supposedly up for auction)? Just asking. Apparently the seller says he has an Isdera prototype from 1999,… » 9/07/05 12:33pm 9/07/05 12:33pm

Subaru Flat-12 Formula One Engine for Sale on eBay

F1 fans of a certain age remember Subaru's foray into Formula One racing in the early 1990s as a time of hope, followed by disbelief and, ultimately, utter disgust. Ah, memories. Unfortunately, its competition engine, a 3.5-liter flat 12 designed by Motori-Moderni, was underpowered — cranking out 600hp in a field… » 9/06/05 10:00am 9/06/05 10:00am

RM Auctions' Monterey Results

Almost a cool $32 million changed hands during RM's Monterey auction, a touch under the auction company's projections, but with a 91% sales rate, it can hardly be called a bust, either. The bigwigs broke out the billfolds for some hot bidder-on-bidder action, running up values for Talbot-Lagos ($3,685,000), GT40… » 8/25/05 3:45pm 8/25/05 3:45pm

Big Bux Camaro Pulled from eBay

An astute reader notes that the jackalope-rare Camaro ZL1 we reported on yesterday has been pulled from eBay, never rising above $850,800, and certainly never breaking the reserve price of eleventy- jillion-five. Jim bets a certain "frosty cold fermented item" (to remain nameless) that the buyer realized eBay's… » 8/24/05 2:02pm 8/24/05 2:02pm

Big Bux Camaro for Sale on eBay

A 1969 Camaro ZL1 — possibly the rarest Camaro ever built — is up for auction on eBay, currently bidding at more than $850,000, with the reserve price nowhere in sight. Costing an astronomical $7,200 (really!) new, the ZL1 had a special, aluminum-block 427ci motor, which produced over 500 bhp. According to lore, 69… » 8/23/05 5:22pm 8/23/05 5:22pm

The Last Fuel-Injection Special up for Bids

Originally built for Bill Vukovich's 1955 run at Indy, this streamliner was designed for minimum drag, much like Auto-Union's mythic streamliner of the 1930s. Featuring an adjustable wing (predating Jim Hall's flipper cars by a decade), the Howard Keck-owned car wasn't finished in time for the legendary 500-mile… » 8/08/05 1:16pm 8/08/05 1:16pm