Required Riding: 1971 Buick "Boat-tail" Riviera

The B-52's were wrong. The relatively sedate, B-bodied Plymouth Satellite didn't come from Planet Claire. It was the '71 Buick Riviera. I'm sure GM design supremo Bill Mitchell inhaled copious quantities of pink air before penning the infamous "Boat-tail." Drawing inspiration from '30's Auburn Speedsters and his own… » 5/09/06 3:45pm 5/09/06 3:45pm

Required Riding: Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3

Once upon a time in America, owning a Mercedes was a Europhilic statement of wealth and taste. Back before the brand hatched its alphanumeric plot to take over the world one market demographic at a time, US Mercs were made of raritanium. None was so rare, so big and so god damn FAST as the 300SEL 6.3. Mercedes' V8… » 4/18/06 12:12pm 4/18/06 12:12pm