The First Car To Be Repo'd Was Also The First Car In A Police Chase

One of my personal crusades is to raise awareness of the fact that Mercedes-Benz did not invent the car like they claim to, and that automobiles have been around far longer than most people realize — viable cars have been around since at least the early 1800s. That’s why I’m so delighted to tell you about the first… »6/30/15 2:53pm6/30/15 2:53pm


2008 Auto Repo Rate Highest Ever, Repo Men Now Worried About Their Jobs

Vehicle repossessions are expected to rise 15% this year from 2007 due to the continuing economic meltdown, says an executive vice president of customer strategies at ADESA Inc., a vehicle auction company, in Automotive News »10/14/08 12:00pm10/14/08 12:00pm today. So why are repo men complaining? Apparently banks and lenders are facing so many…