Chevrolet Now Has Negative Points Due To Illegal IndyCar Engine Repair

According to RACER, eleven of the twelve Chevrolet engines used in the IndyCar season opener had illegal engine repairs made after the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg. Chevrolet earned 128 points for their successful weekend, but they've now been penalized 220 points for the banned repairs. Oops! »4/06/15 6:15pm4/06/15 6:15pm

Here's How Much It Costs To Fix Dents On The Aluminum 2015 Ford F-150

Yesterday gave their pristine 2015 Ford F-150 some enthusiastic thwacks with a sledgehammer, putting two dimples in the quarter panel and cracking the taillight. Today they got the bill, and they're saying it cost four times as much to repair the aluminum bed versus old-school steel. »1/27/15 1:46pm1/27/15 1:46pm

What Is The Most Creative Car Repair You've Attempted?

The story of the mechanic trying to fix his Mercedes with stolen urinal parts got us thinking about some of the more inspired repairs we've attempted to make in our days. Just the other day we were driving the girlfriend's Civic when we noticed a strange putty where the driver's side vanity mirror once resided. After… »2/19/08 11:40am2/19/08 11:40am