How To Fix Your Exhaust With An Empty Beer Can

When the raspy belch gurgling from your car's leaky exhaust is about to become the final slight pushing you at last into complete insanity, here's an easy way to make exhaust pipe holes the least of your worries involving an empty beer can and some ingenuity. » 10/12/12 4:20pm 10/12/12 4:20pm

What Is The Most Creative Car Repair You've Attempted?

The story of the mechanic trying to fix his Mercedes with stolen urinal parts got us thinking about some of the more inspired repairs we've attempted to make in our days. Just the other day we were driving the girlfriend's Civic when we noticed a strange putty where the driver's side vanity mirror once resided. After… » 2/19/08 11:40am 2/19/08 11:40am

The Structural Aluminum Repair Conundrum

We've long maintained that a '32 Ford hot rod might be the ultimate car for a teenager. Every part imaginable is still in production, it's simple to work on, a rollcage can easily be added for more protection in an accident, powerful four-wheel disc brake systems are plentiful, and the engine power can be progressively … » 10/19/05 6:57am 10/19/05 6:57am