Satisfaction With Renting Cars Declines, You No Like Taurus?

Proving there's nothing about the traveling experience that's enjoyable to anyone anymore, J.D. Power and Associates 2007 Rental Car Satisfaction Study has found that people have a worse experience renting cars this year compared to last. Based on a completely made-up scale, overall satisfaction dropped 17 points to… »11/13/07 5:00pm11/13/07 5:00pm

What's The Most Fun You've Ever Had In A Rental?

The Question of the Day is in honor of today's Rental Car Reacharound. And reacharounds in general. Just $9 per day is typically what it costs to fully insure a rental car against any and all damage. A good friend of ours was recently dumped by his wife of ten years. Because his daily driver was in the shop, he had a… »7/19/07 12:45pm7/19/07 12:45pm