Get the Upgrade: Lotus Launches Elise Rental Program

Good news for those shut out of a Lotus Elise due to expense, the need for more cargo space or a trick lumbar spine (actually it's just good news for the first two groups, the third should buy a Buick and consult a physician). Lotus Cars USA is launching a rental program that will allow dubious fly-by-night drivers… » 9/19/06 1:00am 9/19/06 1:00am

Jalopnik Rental-Car Reacharound, Short Form: The Shelby Mustang GT-H

Our buddy Jon writes in regarding his experience renting a Shelby GT-H from Hertz. Sounds like there's some kind of approval process that may keep the hoi polloi — at least those who pose a flight risk — from hopping aboard the train to Shelbyville. Check it. » 8/22/06 9:30am 8/22/06 9:30am

Nice suit, check. Fake boarding passes, check.

Rental Car Reacharound: 2007 Dodge Caliber

On a recent trip to Reno, I was "upgraded" to a 2007 Dodge Caliber by the good folks at Enterprise. (Having reserved an economy-class car, I was surprised that they would call the Caliber something other than that.) Approaching the car, my wife actually said it was "cute." I was expecting her to hate it, given Dodge… » 8/11/06 1:30pm 8/11/06 1:30pm

Jalopnik Rental-Car Reacharound: Put Down That Yaris! Buy a Used Civic!

In our occasionally - occasional "Rental Car Reacharound" series, we (and our readers) comment on vehicles we've rented. Got a rental car story? Keep it to 500 words (or less, or maybe a couple more) and send it to tips@jalopnik.com. In this installment, Davey G. weighs in on the '05 Honda Civic LX sedan he rented… » 5/22/06 10:30pm 5/22/06 10:30pm

Jalopnik Rental-Car Reacharound: 2006 Ford F-150

Reader Aaron Headly, who once stole a microphone from one G. Danzig at a Detroit Misfits gig and sang, "TWENTY GUYYYYYS IN MAH BE-E-E-E-D," takes on a big-ass truck in the latest installment of Jalopnik's Rental Car Reacharound. Got a rent-a-racer review of your own? Send 'em to tips@jalopnik.com, and keep the rants… » 2/17/06 8:59pm 2/17/06 8:59pm

California Residents: Sue The Rental Comapanies!

Dear Californians: imagine being stuck at the Avis counter in a city you hate during the holidays. Say like, oh, we don't know...Birmingham, Alabama. So say you're stuck at the Avis counter in the 'Ham, and the car you reserved is nowhere in sight. No recourse, right? Go somewhere else, waste time, rent a more… » 11/17/05 5:47pm 11/17/05 5:47pm