GT350H's Red Headed Step Sister, The Shelby CSX-T Thrifty Rental

The Hertz GT350H is a high dollar collectible sought after by Shelby fans and command six figure prices from sites like Many years later Papa Shelby had relations with Thrifty Rental Car and spawned a Chrysler front wheel drive hot rod called the CSX-T which today are 100th the cost of a Hertztang. »5/02/13 5:41pm5/02/13 5:41pm


Corvette ZHZ: Hertz Adds A 'Vette To The Rent-A-Racer Fleet

Chevy's decided they need a Hertz Rent-A-Racer of their very own, except rather than something fun for draggin', they've decided to go anti-Ford and work with Hertz on something to go around corners as well. What they've come up with is this — the Corvette ZHZ. It's a special limited-edition, equipped with a 436 HP… »6/09/08 5:29pm6/09/08 5:29pm