A Canadian indie band's C’était un Rendezvous tribute

This is the music video for “Savage Night at the Opera” from the Vancouver-based band Destroyer’s new album Kaputt. It’s a motorcycle homage to Rendezvous shot in Vancouver by David Galloway, and unlike that video of the new fastest lap around Manhattan, it’s entirely lovely to watch—and it comes with a twist. »9/23/11 12:30pm9/23/11 12:30pm

You Are Here, in a Rendezvous: Google Maps Mashup with Lelouch Film

No matter which side of the debate over Claude Lelouch's 1976 movie, "C' tait un Rendezvous," you're on — Ferrari 275GTB at 140 mph or Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 at no more than 85, with Ferrari soundtrack dubbed in — you can't deny the added dimension Google Maps has added to the famous run to Paris. Check out the… »8/17/06 3:44pm8/17/06 3:44pm